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26.11.2021 14:03

Today, developing countries expect their students to have different skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and ability to work in multicultural environments. Different public institutions and organizations such as the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD), the Ministry of National Education (MEB) have paid attention to the competence in these skills, which are called 21st Century Skills. To increase the development capacity of our country in the fields of scientific research and technology, and to ensure its social and economic development, it is important that especially the young age group is directed to STEM fields, that prospective teachers and teachers of the future have a good command of STEM education, and that they have skills such as pedagogical content knowledge and field knowledge about STEM education. offers. For this reason, as Muş Alparslan University, has been organizing teacher trainings, congresses and different projects for the training of young individuals with the above-mentioned characteristics, prospective teachers and teachers since 2019.

Director of Muş Alparslan University  STEM  Education Research Centre: Associate Prof. Bekir Yıldırım

Assistant Director  of  STEM Education Research Centre: Associate Prof. Kenan Yıldırım

Assistant Director  of  STEM Education Research Centre: Research Assistant Emine Şahin Topalcengiz

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